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Our Top Concrete Services

Epoxy Flooring Installation

Our expertly crafted epoxy flooring installations elevate spaces with a flawless finish, seamlessly blending durability with aesthetic excellence.

Concrete Repairs

We specialize in crack repair, addressing any surface imperfections to prevent deterioration and maintain structural integrity. Our patching and resurfacing services seamlessly restore concrete surfaces, erasing minor damages and ensuring a smooth, uniform finish.

Hot Tub Pads & Concrete Pads

Crafted with precision and durability, our hot tub pads and concrete pads offer a stable and reliable foundation, ensuring the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

Concrete Parging & Restoration

Our concrete parging and restoration services breathe new life into worn surfaces, rejuvenating them. This provides greater protection against rain, wind and other harsh elements.

Ultimate PArging EXPERTS

Restore concrete surfaces to like new condition

With our team of ultimate parging experts, restoring concrete surfaces to a like-new condition is more than just a promise, it’s our expertise. Whether it’s repairing cracks, smoothing rough surfaces, or applying a fresh coat of parging, we bring precision, skill, and dedication to every project. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we transform worn-out concrete into pristine, rejuvenated surfaces that enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of any property. Trust the ultimate parging experts to revitalize your concrete surfaces and breathe new life into your surroundings.

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Ultimate Parging Benefits

Enhanced Durability

Parging provides an additional layer of protection to concrete surfaces, shielding them from damage caused by weathering, moisture, and abrasion. This added durability helps extend the lifespan of the concrete, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Improved Aesthetics

Parging offers an opportunity to enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces by covering up imperfections such as cracks, stains, or rough textures. With various colors and textures available, parging allows for customization to achieve the desired aesthetic, whether it’s a smooth, sleek finish or a textured, rustic look.

Weather Resistance

Properly applied parging can help increase the weather resistance of concrete surfaces, making them more resistant to water penetration, freeze-thaw cycles, and UV damage. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the concrete, preventing deterioration over time.

Increased Property Value

By restoring the look and functionality of concrete surfaces, parging can add value to a property. Whether it’s enhancing curb appeal for a home or improving the appearance of commercial buildings, well-maintained concrete surfaces contribute to a positive first impression and overall property value.


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Since 2006, Ottawa’s Best Concrete has been the trusted name in delivering quality concrete solutions at the most competitive prices in the region. With a legacy of excellence spanning over two decades, we have consistently provided unmatched value to our customers in Ottawa and beyond. Our commitment to affordability is backed by a dedication to superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. At Ottawa’s Best Concrete, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From pouring and finishing to repair and restoration, our skilled team delivers top-notch results on every project. Whether it’s residential driveways, commercial foundations, or industrial flooring, you can count on Ottawa’s Best Concrete for reliable service and unbeatable prices.

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"Great price, great service. Very happy with results!"


"We are very happy with their work! Carl is great and so are his workers! Great price and great job! Highly reccomend them!"


"We had our driveway sealed by ultimate sealing and we are very pleased with the result. Friendly, professional and meticulous service . We definitely recommend them."


"I had the pleasure of dealing with Carl from ultimate sealing. Our driveway was sealed and we couldn't be happier with the work they have done. The prep before sealing the driveway was well done. The crisp edges and lining was excellent, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ultimate Sealing :)..."

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